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YA Novels

The Field

When fourteen-year-old Daniel Robinson is abducted during a game of hide-and-seek, his focus switches from enjoying his summer vacation to simply staying alive. Will he survive? Or is this a nightmare that’s too real to escape?

Midnight House

Haunted by the traumatic events of his abduction two years ago, sixteen-year-old Daniel Robinson has tried everything to make his escalating nightmares vanish. Will Daniel reach out for help, or allow the nightmares to consume his sanity?
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Adult Fiction

The Sexual Misadventures of Alicia Williams, Alpha Female


She’s sick of second-rate sex. He’s over his routine relationship. When they come together, can they solve each other’s problems?


I love to write. I’m always excited by the sense of freedom and the excitement of crafting a new story. I get energized by creating characters, locations, and dialogue. To know that, in the end, the hard work is worth the time, effort, and brainpower it takes to tell great stories.

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