I’m not a person who can eat when they write; the food can become a distraction and be messy.  The aftereffects of sleepiness can also cramp one’s ability to create.  I prefer to have something to drink instead.  Nothing complicated.  Just something there with me to keep me hydrated or caffeinated so I can stay focused and keep writing.

Let’s talk about some!


You can never go wrong with water at your side.  Whether bottled, filtered, or from the tap, water can keep you hydrated and prevent you from becoming distracted by thirst.  This should be a must-have beverage with you when you write, even if you have other drinks.

Coffee or Tea

A little caffeine never hurts – unless you have a sensitivity to it, then I would either skip it or use it in moderation – and coffee or tea can help give you an extra boost of energy for those long writing sessions.  Suppose you’re like me and like to write into the wee hours of the morning.  In that case, a little jolt of caffeine can help re-engage your mind after a long day at work and help you get into the creative mindset for your writing sessions.

From Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Tim Hortons, Dunkin, or store brands, there’s a wide range of coffees and teas to experiment with and find the one best suited for your writing needs.

Energy Drinks

While there is controversy surrounding the over-consumption of these, energy drinks can provide a quick boost of energy that can help you stay focused and keep writing.  It is essential, however, not to overdo it and drink more than one at a time.  

I always supplement drinking one with water, not mixed in, just on the side.  At least for me, this cuts down on the jitteriness that can often come with drinking an energy drink with a high caffeine content.  

If you have never had one, pace yourself when you do, or stick with coffee or tea for your beverage stimulant needs.


Another method to get caffeine and energy fast is drinking soda.  When writing, it can give you that extra push to write a little longer.  There are plenty of caffeine-based sodas on the market, so if you prefer to go this route instead of energy drinks, you can find one with the best amount of caffeine.

Final Thoughts

Yes, authors of the past drank booze when they wrote, but I want to encourage you to stay engaged and clear-headed when you write.  The key to using coffee or tea, energy drinks, or soda when you write is to help you stay focused, but make sure you don’t jump in head-first to try them if you haven’t before.  Always test small doses of caffeine first, and work your way up.

Water, however, should always be part of every writer’s tool kit.  Your body and mind need it, and you’ll feel better in the long run if you stay hydrated when you write.

Happy Writing and drinking, and I’ll see you next time!

What are some of your favorite drinks to consume when writing?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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