This week, we explored the characteristics of subplots and how they can be character- or story-driven.  If you are working on a writing project or outlining one, you probably have ideas for subplots bouncing around in your head.

As you develop or revise, take some time to ask yourself some questions that can help you make them stronger and more effective.

  • Does each subplot tie into the main story through related characters or events?
  • Do the subplots serve a purpose?
  • Do the subplots enhance the main story?
  • Does each subplot have its own story arc?
  • Does each subplot have a clear ending?
  • Which characters are central to each subplot?  Does one of the characters have some relationship to the main character or primary storyline?
  • Is each subplot vital?  Would it impact the main story if you removed one or two of them?
  • Is one or more of the subplots overtaking the main story in terms of being more interesting or compelling?  Could this subplot be its own story?

These are just a few questions to mull over as you delve into creating subplots for your story.  Making sure each subplot matters and helps move the main story along.  I also think it’s important that at least one subplot helps give us further insight into the main character’s development and growth as a person throughout the story.

I hope you enjoyed this look into subplots.  

Happy Writing, and I’ll see you next time!

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