What prevents us from writing more and writing faster?  Do we lack the time, the motivation, the energy?  Is writer’s block causing bouts of crippling creative anxiety that prevent you from tackling your next story?

Well, M.L. Ronn and his book Be a Writing Machine: Writer Faster and Smarter, Beat Writer’s Block, and Be Prolific is here to save the day!  And let me tell you, when this guy says he loves to write, he means it!

Ronn gives you an inside look at his process and how he balances life, work, and writing 6-8 books a year (fiction and non-fiction).  While some of his methodologies might seem a bit extreme to some, he clarifies that these are tools and tips that will help you get more writing done.

The book is broken into four main parts that examine different aspects of writer’s block and strategies you can implement to slay this creativity killer.  

These sections include Writer’s Block Part 1: How to Beat It Every Time; Part 2: General Maintenance Strategies to Keep You Motivated; Part 3: Strategies to Combat Lack of Inspiration; and Part 4: Strategies to Combat Fear.  

Each of his strategies is worth testing to see which ones work best for you and your writing goals. 

Creativity issues can be resolved with the right mindset and time management skills.  Ronn delves into these aspects of a writer’s life and how you can improve upon these two areas to increase your writing output and give your mind the freedom to create more efficiently.

This was a great book; I have highlighted and marked up my copy for easy reference.  If you’re struggling with writer’s block, time management, or motivation, I highly recommend Be a Writing Machine by M.L. Ronn.

Check out his website here: https://www.michaellaronn.com

Have you read Be a Writing Machine?  Let me know what strategies from the book you’ve used below!