This was excellent! This book is a must-read for the movie’s fans because it deviates from the film version by adding new scenes, characters, backstories, and Hollywood history, both fictional and non-fictional.  At the same time, it delivers memorable moments from Tarantino’s film and a few more surprises thrown into the mix. 

It’s a fast read that would make an excellent book series featuring all the characters we’ve already been introduced to in both the film and the book.

Tarantino is already a master screenwriter, but he can now add great novelist to his resume. Like many of his movies, the structure of the book is in no way chronological. Tarantino deviates several times from the main story of Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth. Still, it all just adds layers of narrative enjoyment to the novel as a whole.

And the mixture of real and imagined Hollywood history is just great!

I enjoyed Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, both the film and the book. I highly recommend both.