A fantastic and timely read, The Great Influenza shows – much like The Great Mortality by John Kelly did with the Black Plague – that when it comes to crises that affect millions, politicians, the media, and human beings pretty much have acted the same way for centuries.  While we may be more technologically advanced than in 1918, humans still react to pandemics in much the same way, especially if conflicting information is given from the political higher-ups and the media they rely on for information.  

The book gives us an in-depth look at the evolution of medicine in post-Civil War America. Also, it introduces us to the vital medical players who tried their best to come up with a vaccine for a form of influenza that killed millions all over the world. 

If you enjoy history and are looking for some perspective on what’s going on in the world at this moment in time with COVID-19, I highly, highly recommend The Great Influenza.