The Tao of Pooh is a fast read that breaks down Taoism’s basic tenets and principles into easy-to-understand sections, using the characters from The Hundred-Acre Wood as object lessons for various aspects.

Each section of the book used examples from A.A. Milne’s popular children’s stories to make the sometimes complex concepts easier to understand.  Hoff does an excellent job utilizing the traits of each character to exemplify each idea presented.

I also bought Hoff’s The Te of Piglet, so I’ll be curious how that differs from The Tao of Pooh.

While I’m sure I didn’t glean all I could from my initial reading – and will probably reread it – I did like the ideas presented in the book and how they can be applied to one’s life as a writer or other creative person.

I recommend The Tao of Pooh to anyone looking for a different perspective on life, existence, or creativity.