Christmastime 2022.  I was headed home for the holidays to see my parents with a trunk full of gifts, Christmas music on the radio, and a long drive ahead of me.  Like most writers, I brainstorm and work on story ideas when I’m alone and have time.  On this drive, I was initially developing an idea for a Christmas movie when my thoughts began to wander.

It wasn’t an idea, just a term used by a friend and coworker of mine to describe guys who were bad at sex: trash dick.  I have no idea why it popped into my head, but there it was.  And that’s when the magic phrase appeared next: What If…

What if there was a woman on a quest to find great sex?  That was the basic premise I had come up with in the car.  By the time I got to my destination, I messaged my friend and asked her what her definition of trash dick was.  I explained why, and she gave me a list of things she felt fit under that term.


It was a list of eight ways a man can be considered trash dick, and each trait immediately conjured up ideas for male characters my main character could encounter.

At this point, the idea was still in its primitive stages.  I had no real story, no names for any characters, but I did think that Trash Dick would make for a compelling title to the book.  But a title is just one of hundreds of pieces that come together to create a story, so that night I took some time to hash out some basic ideas. 

I had no clue at this point if the idea had legs; I wasn’t even sure it was a story that had anything to offer but chapter after chapter of bad sex.  When I wrote down the basics, it looked like an outline for an adult film with bad sex scenes.  I knew that wouldn’t do.  I had to dig deeper.  I wanted to see if I could develop this random term into something more.

I continued to brainstorm and think about the basic elements needed to make what I had into a story, and when I got home after Christmas, that’s exactly what I set out to do.

We’ll explore that aspect in the next article.  See you then!

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