This was the first novel I’ve read by Louis L’Amour, and it definitely won’t be my last!  The Quick and the Deadis a fast-paced, suspenseful Western tale filled with colorful characters, great action, and plenty of grit.  

While Duncan McKaskel and his family are headed West, they encounter a group of unsavory characters with eyes on their possessions, cattle, and McKaskel’s wife.  A man who believes in non-violent solutions, McKaskel soon finds himself having to choose between his pacifist ideals and surviving through more violent means.

When a stranger named Con Vallian appears out of nowhere and begins to help the family, McKaskel questions the man’s true motives.  

As Vallian teaches the family about survival in the untamed West, he quickly learns that McKaskel’s wife, Susanna, is the stronger of the two and may be the key to the family’s survival.

Will the family make it to their destination, or will violence and death win in the end?

The Quick and the Dead is a page-turner and an excellent introduction to the works of one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century.

I highly recommend The Quick and the Dead!