Author Ian Dawson here,

It’s time to spread some holiday cheer.

Gifts for the writer can be hard to find,

So let’s talk about some to keep in mind.

There are journals and pens,

Writing courses and books.

Standing desks so their posture

Doesn’t look like a hook.

Magazines about writing

Those can really be neat.

So can a weekend at a writer’s retreat.

Gift cards to a bookstore,

Post-Its, Notecards, Printer Paper.

A massager is nice for the back and Levator.

Foods to keep focused,

Or drinks to stay awake,

Ask the writer about them,

The right gift is at stake!

Maybe noise is a problem

In all volumes and tones.

You can give them a gift

Of noise-canceling headphones.

We’ve covered a lot

But there’s more to be found.

If you Google or Bing it,

Writer’s gifts will abound.

From books to retreats, 

Fountain pens or caffeine,

Happy Holidays to all,

Writer’s gifts sure are keen!

Author Ian Dawson here.  You can find a few links to gift ideas for the writer at the end of the transcript for this audio blog.  Happy Holidays!


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