Henry Winkler is a TV icon.  A man who brought The Fonz into living rooms for 11 seasons on Happy Days and for 40 years since in reruns.  While the character was confident and larger-than-life, the actor playing him was filled with anxiety, frustration, and doubts.  Winkler explores these aspects of himself and many others in his excellent autobiography, Being Henry.

One of the things that stood out throughout the book was how relatable Winkler is as a person.  While a famous actor, he faced hardships and ups and downs that some in his position might not want to discuss.  Winkler does, and in doing so, he connects with the reader and shows that even someone who played a character ingrained forever into pop culture has faults and weaknesses like anyone else.

Winkler seems like a genuinely nice guy, and his willingness to expose the low points in his life and career, along with the highlights, gives readers hope that even when things appear to be at their worst, something good can happen instantly that changes everything.  

Being Henry made me laugh, smile several times, and even cry a little.  It’s an excellent autobiography, and I highly recommend it.