A compelling and interesting read, A New World Begins: The History of the French Revolution, is a fascinating and detailed look at how the French Revolution altered the course of politics in France and Europe toward the end of the 1700s. From its initial stirrings to the violent overthrow of the monarchy to the bloody riots and executions that followed, author Jeremy Popkin delivers a narrative that showcases the heroes, martyrs, and victims at each stage of the revolution. 

This historical event’s trajectory is quite interesting, and how things ended was nothing like I expected.  There were also several concepts still used in our contemporary world thanks to the men and women who fought for the people of France for over a decade.

If you enjoy world history, learning about revolutions, or looking for something in-depth and thought-provoking, I highly recommend A New World Begins: The History of the French Revolution.  It will definitely make you think about our modern world and the sacrifices made to get us where we are today.