John Wayne: The Life and Legend is a fascinating look at not only one of the biggest names in Hollywood history but of Hollywood history as well.  Author Scott Eyman delves into the world that Wayne inhabited and the politics, culture, and values that made him not just an actor but a Hollywood legend.

Wayne was a complicated man.  A man who was more than just a blustery, hard-scrabble cowboy as depicted in hundreds of films.  Wayne was very much a multi-faceted man.  Even though many of his views are antiquated (then and now), it’s hard to escape the fact that he was a loving, hard-working, and loyal friend to many from his early days in Hollywood to his final days in 1979.

I’ve seen lots of his films, and this book gave me a deeper understanding of the man who was Duke to his friends and John Wayne to millions of moviegoers the world over.

I highly recommend John Wayne: The Life and Legend to Wayne and Hollywood history fans alike.