Occasionally, we all land in a writing rut.  We’re human, it happens.  A Writer’s Rut isn’t as frustrating as Writer’s Block, but it can cause a sense of boredom and disinterest to set in if not addressed sooner rather than later.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a Writer’s Rut, here are FIVE ways to reenergize and get back on track.

#1 – New Location

If you write in the same place daily, try switching locations.  If you write at home, try writing at a bookstore, coffee shop, or library.  If you usually write in public, try writing at home.  Write indoors?  Try writing outdoors.  Whatever you habitually do when you sit down to write, try the opposite.

Often, a change in your writing routine can help stimulate your senses and help wake up your creativity.  

#2 – New Time

Perhaps you wake up and write for several hours before you go to work.  For a week, write after work instead.  The opposite can also be done to shock the creative mind out of its habitual malaise.  

It’s good to have a structured writing schedule, but sometimes, if the words aren’t flowing when they normally do, changing your routine writing shift can help.

#3 – New Project

Start something new.  It’s easy to get bogged down in one project and become bored – either consciously or unconsciously – with what you’re working on.  I like to have a couple of projects in progress so I can jump over to another one if I get stuck or don’t feel enthused about my current work.  

This will keep you writing.  Sometimes, taking a break from a project you’re having issues with can help you solve the story problems you’re running into.

#4 – New Genre

Take a leap and explore a genre you’re not familiar with.  Wake up the creative mind and play in the fantasy, romantic comedy, horror, or Western genres.  Even if you dabble, you may find aspects of these genres that can be applied to your writing and enhance the overall storytelling experience.

#5 – Short Story 

Take a break from your current WIP and write a short story.  Give yourself parameters to work with, and let your imagination run wild.  This is a great way to experiment with other genres without committing to a full novel.

Write a 500-word short story from the POV of a Ring doorbell camera.  What type of drama can unfold from this static lens?  

Maybe write a 100-word short story about a man who picks up the wrong suitcase at an airport.  How could you make that funny, scary, action-packed in only 100 words?

Give yourself a challenge that sparks creativity, energy, and fun back into writing.  

Final Thoughts

You have an endless supply of creativity flowing through you, but sometimes, those channels can get clogged and are in need of a good cleaning.  By changing your writing routine even just a little, you can ensure you continue to write and be creative instead of procrastinating and not writing at all.

Happy Writing, and I’ll see you next time!

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