There are hundreds – if not thousands – of books about the entertainment industry, just as there are probably a similar amount regarding spirituality, meditation, and enlightenment.  But those two things combined in the same book?  I, too, would never have believed it possible until I read Derek Rydall’s book, There’s No Business Like Soul Business.   

Here is a book that dares creative individuals to think outside the narrow confines of Hollywood and look inward to find their true calling and potential.  Through journaling, meditation, and other activities, Rydall lifts the impenetrable veil over show business and gives readers a reality check about how the business runs versus the fantasy we all perceive.  

Rydall’s challenge to the reader is to change one’s mindset and perspective of the film and TV industry.  He asks the reader to get to know themselves as an artist and to dig deep to find what he phrases as the “enlightened entertainer” inside them.  It’s not a simple journey of self-discovery, but one that enables the reader to become self-aware of their actions and perceptions that may prevent them from becoming the artist they want to be.

With goal-setting exercises and plenty of uplifting, positive material, There’s No Business Like Soul Business delivers on its mission to help creative types find their true selves through reflection, meditation, and a change in perception.

The book’s intent is excellent, and how Rydall presents the material makes it easy to understand and digest.  While you may not be interested in all the exercises presented, I’m sure you’ll find a few that will help bring greater clarity to your goals and creative vision.

I recommend There’s No Business Like Soul Business by Derek Rydall.