I love movies.  Most of us do, and we have a list of movies we consider our favorites.  I thought we’d write a little about our favorite films this week by going through five different writing exercises.  You can write as much as you wish, but you should be able to write at least 500 words for each prompt.  

The first step: Pick a favorite movie you’ll be using for all five writing prompts.  I recommend watching the movie again before writing to refresh your memory.

#1 – What’s It All About?

Write about the movie as if you were describing it to a friend and encouraging them to watch it.  You can be as excited and energetic about it as you wish since this is one of your favorite films.  What could you tell your friend to motivate them to stop whatever they’re doing and watch this movie?  Is there a particular memory linked to your seeing the film for the first time?  Give your friend enough info to make them want to watch.

#2 – Describe the Protagonist

Did you connect with or identify with the protagonist of the movie?  Why or why not?  Who are they from your perspective?  What does this protagonist mean to you?  Was it their character or the actor’s portrayal that made you like the movie so much? 

Where did the protagonist start the story?  Where did they end it?  What challenges did they face from point A to point B?

#3 – Describe the Antagonist 

What about the antagonist makes them particularly interesting in the movie?  How do they enhance the story or the viewing experience?  Is it just the character, or does the actor playing the antagonist bring something extra to the performance?  

How does the movie indicate that this character is the story’s antagonist?  What actions do they take to tell the viewer this?

#4 – Write a Review

You love the movie, so gush about it in a loving review.  Talk about all you love about the movie, the characters, the story, the actors, etc.  Be as in-depth and descriptive as you wish.  

#5 – What Didn’t You Like?

This may be a challenge, but if you could fix a few nit-picky things about the movie, what would they be?  It can be something small like a continuity error or something big like a plot hole.  Whatever it is, write about it and discuss why you have an issue with it. 

If you enjoyed this series of exercises, you can always do it with another of your favorite films.

But what about those films you despise…

We’ll do something with those next time.

Happy Writing!

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