I love to read, but sometimes, changing your reading location can help you stay focused and keep your eyes on the page. Here are four excellent areas of your home or apartment to use for reading activities.

#1 – The Couch

This is my favorite place to read. I can stretch out with my head on a pillow and immerse myself in a book. No matter the season, the couch is a great place to either hang out in shorts or cozy up under a blanket as you turn the pages.

Of course, if your living room is a beehive of activity and you need another place to read, I also recommend…

#2 – The Kitchen

You’re close to water and food, and depending on your kitchen’s layout, you have multiple options for configuring your reading space. Use the table, use the kitchen chairs, or build a fort under the kitchen table to create a reading oasis.  Just make sure to bring pillows and blankets in to maximize your comfort.

#3 – In the Backyard/Patio

The backyard or patio are excellent places to read during winter’s rain and snow or the scorching heat of summer.  Find a spot under a tree, utilize a lounge chair, or lay in the grass on a blanket.  Create a tranquil space where you can focus on your latest reading adventure.

If you have a pool handy, you can always use that, too. I recommend reading a paperback or hardcover rather than an eBook. They are easier to replace, and you don’t have to worry about the battery running out before you finish reading.

#4 – In the Bathroom

No, not there. I was thinking about the bathtub. Here, you can submerge yourself in bubbles, light a few candles, and relax as you read. 

Soak away the stress and anxiety of the day.  

Final Thoughts

Finding that ideal reading place can make a world of difference.  Experiment with different locations and configurations and find the one that helps maximize your reading time and comfort.

Happy Reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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