In my last post, I discussed eight of my favorite episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Curb was a unique series because it was unscripted. David outlined the stories—later in the series, a few other writers helped out—and then the actors improvised scenes based on the outline.  

Here’s a clip of Jason Alexander discussing what it was like to work on Curb:

“Denise Handicap” (Season 7, Episode 5)

Larry learns to embrace the upside of disability without actually being disabled, and looks to disprove a rumor.

Commentary: Oh, this episode.  Larry is at his worst in this one, which only makes things exceptionally more comedic and chaotic.  Rosie O’Donnell delivers as Larry’s nemesis in this episode, and the payoff in the final scene is top-notch.

“The Table Read” (Season 7, Episode 9)

Larry gets frustrated by a nine-year-old’s texts, and  Leon poses as a dead man.

Commentary: This is another brilliantly crafted episode with multiple story threads woven throughout that culminate in a crescendo of comedic insanity.  

“Palestinian Chicken” (Season 8, Episode 3)

Larry plays “social assassin” to the hilt at a dinner party, on the golf course, and at a Palestinian restaurant with chicken to die for.

Commentary: When Larry tries to help others, it often doesn’t go well for anyone involved, and this episode exemplifies that repeatedly.  This is also a timely episode given the topic involved with one of the storylines, which also delivers some of Curb’s funniest – and more politically incorrect – moments.

“Foisted!” (Season 9, Episode 1)

Larry tries to rid himself of an inept assistant, offends Jeff’s barber, and gets into hot water over a new project.

Commentary:  For me, the final thirty seconds of this episode make this one a must-watch.

“Thank You for Your Service” (Season 9, Episode 5)

Larry commits a faux pas with Sammi’s fiancé, and tries to start over with his mail carrier and golf club security guard.

Commentary:  Larry being Larry in social situations is a recipe for disaster, and this episode’s primary faux pas lands Larry at a Revolutionary War reenactment.  Chet Hanks and Joe Regalbuto are fantastic in this one.

“The Ugly Section” (Season 10, Episode 7)

Larry capitalizes on a friend’s death and notices a troubling discrepancy at a trendy new restaurant.

Commentary:  This season was one of my favorites, and the entire Spite Store arc was executed perfectly.  Every restaurant scene in this episode is gold, and Nick Kroll, as the restaurant manager who denies there are separate sections for pretty people and ugly people, is great.

“Beep Panic” (Season 10, Episode 9)

Larry finds himself indebted to a struggling waitress and draws the ire of Mocha Joe.

Commentary: Richard Lewis performs a dramatic role in the play Flowers for Algernon, and the set-up and payoff of this subplot always make me laugh out loud.  This is another solid entry in the multiple setups with solid payoffs column. 

“The Spite Store” (Season 10, Episode 10)

Larry runs into an old acquaintance and causes a rift between expectant parents.

Commentary:  What makes this episode great is how so many moments from all the other Season 10 episodes come back to haunt Larry and his spite store by the end.  It’s another well-crafted finale with solid laughs and a satisfying final act.

Thank you, Larry David, for delivering 12 years of laughs with Curb and co-creating another iconic series, Seinfeld.

What’s your favorite Curb episode, season, or moment?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Enjoy the show’s theme below:

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