IAN: Hi.  Ian Dawson here.  As we jump into week three of Main Character May, it’s time for you to start thinking about the protagonists in your own stories.  While it can be easier to use your favorite fictional characters as inspiration, I encourage you to look beyond the page and screen and into the real world to craft your own protagonists.

Embrace the thrill of making your characters unique, giving them their own voice, and drawing inspiration from the real world. This is not just more creative; it’s a thrilling adventure in inventing dimensional human characters for your story.

Doing this will also help you create the other characters that populate your story, making them less cliched and more real.

It can be fun to combine traits from one friend with another or observe how a family member makes decisions and use that as a springboard for how your protagonist deals with events throughout the story.  

Observing real human behavior and incorporating these aspects into your characters is crucial as a writer. This will help the audience identify, empathize, and sympathize with your protagonist by making them seem more human and less one-dimensional. 

On your mark, get set, it’s time to observe and create!  And that’s exactly what we’ll do next time as Main Character May continues!

See you then! 

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