Great actors need great scripts, and if you can write a screenplay that grabs an A-lister’s attention, you could see your work on the big screen. It might seem daunting, but you’re closing the door on a potentially life-changing opportunity by not making the attempt. In Christopher Keane’s book, he offers a treasure trove of tools and insights that could be the key to unlocking your script’s potential.

Despite its title, Romancing the A-List is a grounded work that encourages new screenwriters to “write a well-crafted, low-budget screenplay from your heart and mind, from passion and craft, with main characters so well written and complex that the screenplay will attract agents, producers, bankable actors and money” (ix). Luckily, Keane offers practical ways of creating a screenplay with this potential level.

The book is based on Christopher Keane’s screenwriting class at Emerson College. The material is divided into eleven workshops. Each workshop builds on the previous chapter’s content, giving readers and screenwriters knowledge and tools to construct a strong story and memorable characters that would attract A-list talent.

Even though the entertainment industry has evolved since the book was released in 2008, its tenets about story and character still ring true. Keane’s advice about breaking into the business and handling rejection is not only timeless but also highly relevant in today’s ever-changing, highly competitive, and overly fractured marketplace. 

Romancing the A-List delivers an insightful, clear, and thought-provoking education about writing screenplays and how to educate yourself further about the entertainment industry.  I really enjoyed reading Keane’s book, and I highly recommend it.