What obstacles or problems do you face in your life?  Do you feel hopeless when it comes to achieving your goals?  Like forces are trying to stop you?  

What if that perspective was wrong, and those obstacles and problems were present for a reason?  What if working with those obstacles was part of your journey to success?

I know that’s a lot of questions to pose, but these and many more are asked and discussed in The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumphs by Ryan Holiday.  In his book, Holiday breaks down how we can utilize problems and obstacles that arise as we push toward our goals to become stronger in the long run.

With dozens of examples of past and present figures who have overcome adversity and achieved greatness when the odds were stacked against them, Holiday shows us that anyone can reach their goals with enough persistence and perseverance to follow through.

The book is broken into three sections: PerceptionAction; and Will, and each delivers clear insight into how you can apply these methodologies in your daily life and break through the barriers you come across by using them to your advantage.

Based on the philosophy of the Stoics, The Obstacle is the Way is a pragmatic approach to problem solving that anyone can easily access and apply in their daily pursuits.

It’s a great book filled with solid advice and inspiring examples.  I highly recommend The Obstacle is the Wayby Ryan Holiday.