Drama: The Devil’s in the Diva contains two lighthearted and entertaining novels, The Four Dorothys and Everyone’s A Critic.  While they are aimed at young adults, I found them just as fun to read as an adult, especially one who has previously worked in the theater.

The Four Dorothys is a solid YA mystery with plenty of twists that keep the story moving.  At Orion Academy, their latest show, The Wizard of Oz, has multiple actors cast in various roles; including four Dorothys.  But when the Dorothys mysteriously begin to drop out of the show, a more sinister plot waits in the wings to be uncovered.

The main character, Bryan Stark, is an entertaining narrator who makes this an enjoyable and fun read for anyone who has ever done high school or college theater before (and even if you haven’t, it’s still worth a read).  Good stuff!

A very enjoyable and fun read, Everyone’s A Critic – much like its companion, The Four Dorothys, brings back our snarky narrator, Bryan Stark.  This time, he’s competing to participate in a summer theater program in New York City.  He knows he wants to go, but he just can’t figure out what his special talent is that will get him there.  

The sarcasm and hijinks are at a fever pitch, as Bryan and his friend vie for the two available spots and a chance to appear on Broadway!

The Four Dorothys and Everyone’s A Critic are excellent LGBTQ+ Young Adult novels.  I highly recommend both books.