Definitely a powerful and polarizing novel, Thirteen Reasons Why delves into the psychology of a young woman, Hannah, who feels she has no other options or choices in life than one that will ultimately end hers (I’m sure by now most people know about the story based on either hearing about the book or the Netflix series).  

The way the story unfolds is compelling and suspenseful, and I really liked the immediateness of the story. There’s no time wasted jumping into Hannah’s story as heard through the ears of Clay, a young man whom she knew and included in her 13 cassette-tape suicide note.  

It’s quite an emotional night for both Clay and the reader as we find out, along with Clay, why she chose suicide as her final destination.  

I do recommend the book even if you’ve watched the series.  If you know anyone who has contemplated or has committed suicide, it may be a tough read for you.