With an impressive and extensive body of work covering novels, film, TV, comics, poetry, and theater, Neil Gaiman is as talented as he is prolific. Some of his notable works include the novel and TV series American Gods, the film Coraline, and his comic book series, Lucifer, which inspired the Fox/Netflix series of the same name. His comic book series, Sandman, is currently being adapted to the small screen.

Check out Gaiman’s dozens of other works here: https://www.neilgaiman.com/works/

Not only is Gaiman a fantastic wordsmith, but he also is an inspiring teacher when it comes to educating others about creativity and the writing process. His series of classes on MasterClass are highly recommended and one that I have viewed several times.

Check out the trailer for his MasterClass series below, along with some interviews he’s done over the years.


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