While I’ve heard his name before, I read my first Dean Koontz novel earlier this year, Strangers (1986).  Strangers is a mix of suspense and sci-fi.  It was definitely an engaging book with interesting characters and an intriguing twist.

Koontz is a prolific suspense author whose first novel, Star Quest, was published in 1968.  Since then, Koontz has written well over 100 books, including the Odd Thomas series, Frankenstein series, and Jane Hawk series.  While known mainly for suspense, Koontz writes in many genres, including thriller, horror, and satire.

Koontz wrote several novels under pseudonyms, including John Hill, Deanna Dwyer, K.R. Dwyer, and David Axton.  He used the names “after several editors convinced him that authors who switched back and forth between different genres invariably fell victim to ‘negative crossover,’” which could affect readership from established and new readers.  The last novel he wrote under a pseudonym was 1987’s Shadow Fires under the pen name Leigh Nichols. 

I definitely want to read more of his books, and my interest is piqued by the Frankenstein series.  

To check out his Official Website, click HERE.

Check out the interviews below where Koontz talks about his career, writing, and his varied works.


Back in two weeks with another great author!

Quotation Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Koontz

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