The author of twenty-nine books, Judy Blume, is an author who is no stranger to writing about complex subjects that young adults encounter in their everyday lives.  She surprisingly is also a member of the Banned Books Club.  Like the late Beverley Cleary, Judy Blume’s books were a library staple when I was growing up. Her stories continue to engage and entertain readers today.

Blume was 27 when she began to think of writing as a career.  After two years of rejections, she finally published her first novel, The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, in 1969.  Other books for children and young adults include: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret (1970), Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (1972), Blubber (1974), Freckle Juice (1978), Superfudge (1980), and Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson (1993).  

Blume has also written four adult-centered novels, collaborated on two short story collections, and authored three non-fiction books.  

In the 1980s, Blume’s young adult novel, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, was targeted for censorship by schools due to its openness about mensuration and religion.  The book has been on the American Library Association’s Top 100 most frequently challenged books since the 80s, ranking 60th. In 2000, the book almost made it off the list, dropping to 99th.  The latest 2010-2019 list has Are You There God? off the top 100.

Check out the latest list to see if books you’ve read are on it, HERE

Learn more about Judy Blume and her books at her OFFICIAL WEBSITE.  

Below are a few interviews with Blume as she talks about her life, her writing, and dealing with censorship.


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