The next time you’re out someplace waiting in line, getting food, ordering a coffee, or at the mall, take a few moments to fully take in your surroundings.

•          What do you see?

•          What do you hear?

•          What do you feel?

•          What do you smell?

•          What do you taste?

Take out a notepad, or open the Notes App on your phone if that would make you feel less self-conscious. Write down everything you take in with your senses.  Sights, sounds, colors, mannerisms, people quirks, etc.  Almost as if you are looking at a moving painting.

Later, take your notes a write out the scene with as much detail as possible, using all the sensory elements as a guide.  Paint the reader a vivid picture as if they are present at the location with you.

Do a few drafts, adding more detail and sensory elements with each pass.

Once you feel you’ve created a sensory-loaded piece, give it to a trusted friend or loved one to read.  Did they experience all the sensory elements?  

This is a great exercise to work on bringing the reader into a scene in more vivid and dynamic ways.

Happy Writing, and I’ll see you next time!

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