While I was home over the holidays, I gave my mom the classic movie musical, The Sound of Music.  As Maria (Julie Andrews) heads off to her new life to become the governess for the von Trapp children, she sings a song called “I Have Confidence.”  

If you listen to the lyrics to the song, you will find that it’s a great motivator.  This song encourages you to face your fears, take on new challenges, and dive headfirst into the unknown.

Check out the song in the clip below:

Being confident when it comes to your creativity and your creative ambitions can often be a daunting task.  We’re surrounded by other peoples’ creative content all the time, so it can sometimes be overwhelming to think about throwing yourself into that great creative abyss. 

We must remind ourselves that we have the ability, skill, and ambition to face our fears and any challenges that may come our way.  We have the confidence to write that novel, sing that song, or perform that monologue. 

Self-confidence regarding your creative ambitions is important and can help you fight self-doubt.  Giving yourself the green light to create and permission to be confident in your abilities can be the difference between reaching your goals and allowing them to remain unfulfilled.

In the film, Maria has no clue what she’s walking into when she takes her new position, but the song allows her to psych herself up for the job ahead.  You, too, can do this with your creative ambitions.  Even if you don’t feel confident now, mentally put yourself in that space and allow that confidence to motivate you to work on your creative endeavors.

If you ever feel yourself faltering, I recommend listening to “I Have Confidence” or another song that can get you in the right mindset to be confident, creative, and get the work done.

Happy Writing, and I’ll see you next time!

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