Last time, we talked about embracing failure and using it as a learning tool for success.  Many people become so paralyzed by the fear of failing that they don’t even try.  But what happens if you realize after a series of failures that success is around the corner?  

Let’s talk about it.

Rethinking Success

Success is not the endgame; it’s another stepping stone in a longer journey as a creative person.  While we all want to hit those achievement benchmarks, it’s important not to dwell too long on one singular success. Instead, you should use the momentum gained from reaching that goal to help you plan your trajectory toward the next one.

Acknowledging your successes is important, and you should celebrate or reward yourself somehow.  This form of positive reinforcement is another method to keep you motivated and on track as you reach your goals.

Self-awareness can help you learn not only from your failures but your successes as well.  What pathway did you take to achieve success?  What would you change when you start toward your next goal?  What did you learn from this milestone, and how can you use this information in the future?  What setbacks do you now know to avoid when planning your next roadmap to success?

While you will still face challenges as you begin toward a new goal, learning from the past is a great way to ensure you don’t repeat mistakes you made or issues you came across in the future.

The Self-Aware Writer and Success

Part of being self-aware is knowing who you are, not just as a writer but as a person.  And each individual has their own definition of success in their head.  Maybe for you, it’s getting one novel published.  Maybe to another person, it’s getting your book on the New York Times Best-Seller List.  To another, it might be just getting a draft of their screenplay done.  

No matter how you define success, know that it’s just one of many successes you will have.  It’s best not to squander your good fortune by acting like a fool.  Embrace the success, but know there’s more work to be done, more words to write, and more people in your corner that have helped get you to where you are.

You can help others achieve their writing goals by utilizing the self-awareness tool.  Don’t be afraid to coach or advise new writers and share your personal story with them.  Others can learn from your failures, rejections, and successes and, in turn, find their own pathway to success through your mentorship and advice.  

Should You Allow Success to Change You?

Easy answer: No.  Success should not be a green light for you to become a jerk to those around you or start acting like a diva barking demands at others.  While success is a great feeling, it should be seen as an achievement to be proud of, not the end of the road.  After all, if you’ve had success with one published novel, that only means it’s time to start work on the next.  And the next.  And the next.  

Success should be humbling; you’ve worked hard to reach this moment, and many people helped you along the way.  The last thing you want to do is become a self-absorbed narcissist.  Make sure you thank those who helped you reach this goal and helped you finally achieve success.

Next Time…

Now let’s put these topics into action with a series of writing prompts in the next post.

Happy Writing, and I’ll see you next time!

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