I have been a massive fan of Nelson DeMille’s novels for over twenty years. The first DeMille novel I read was The General’s Daughter, which I got after watching the film adaptation starring John Travolta. Ever since I have enjoyed every one of his novels. His smart-ass characters Paul Brenner and John Corey, DeMille’s attention to detail, and solid political-thriller storylines make his books must-reads.

Most recently, DeMille co-authored a book with his son, Alex, titled The Deserter, which definitely had me hooked. I look forward to future novels with the main characters, Scott Brodie & Maggie Taylor.

DeMille’s next book, The Maze (a new entry in the John Corey series), will be released on December 7, 2021.

Below are several clips of interviews with DeMille about his works, the craft of writing, and some general interview clips.


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