Last time, we looked at themes and how they can be incorporated into your writing.  Themes help enhance the story and its characters and can add layers of meaning to your story.

Exploring Themes

Take some time to watch your favorite movie or a TV episode and write down all the possible themes that pop out at you.

•          What themes are obvious?

•          What themes are subtler?

•          What themes are in opposition to one another?

•          How do the story’s themes enhance the story or characters?

•          Are these themes you have seen many times before in other films and TV shows?

Do this with as many films or shows as you wish.  You may find thematic patterns in genres as you explore.

Recycling Themes

Using those themes, think about how you could reuse some or all of them in a short story.  

•          Can they be presented differently?  

•          Are there ways to use those themes that give them more impact and meaning?  

•          What if you made an obvious theme subtle and a subtle theme obvious?

Write a 500-word story that uses these themes to enhance what’s happening.

Your Work

Are you working on a manuscript, a screenplay, or a play?  Read through what you have and find the themes within your own work.  

•          Are they obvious or subtle?

•          Do the themes provide greater meaning to the characters or story?

•          Do you have opposing themes that enhance conflict?

•          Are there ways to refine and fine-tune the themes for greater impact?

The theme is an essential element in your story.  Take the time to develop and enhance your themes and take your story to the next level.

Happy Writing, and I’ll see you next time!

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