Last time, we discussed ways the self-aware writer can get feedback from others to help improve their manuscript.  Today, we’ll discuss how self-awareness can prevent ego and over-confidence from making themselves known.

Let’s get started.

Be Honest with Yourself, Not Delusional

We’ve seen it with politicians, celebrities, athletes, and rock stars.  They get so full of themselves, so arrogant, so cocky, so egotistical that they lose all sense of how they got to where they are and where they once were.  It’s a level of delusion that is dangerous and unhealthy and should be avoided at all costs.

It can be easy to feel some level of power and confidence when you write.  After all, you are creating new stories and worlds, birthing ideas and characters that others will experience and be entertained by.  Wielding this type of power can make some feel confident and cocky; it can boost their ego and cause them to think too highly of themselves.


Yes, you’re a writer.  But even the best writers have the insight and self-awareness to know they have areas of their writing they need to work on, improve, and strengthen.  Being honest with yourself, taking a step back, and seeing what you can do better is humbling and keeps you grounded as a writer and human being.

This is why getting honest feedback on your work is so important.  Surrounding yourself with people who 100% agree with you 100% of the time and think your work is just great no matter what will not make you a better writer.  It will actually hurt your ability to become a better one.

The ego can create a delusional view of the world around you.  It can repel those who once supported you, crush your writing goals, and make you a person people want to avoid.  

Proud, Not Prideful

While it’s okay to be proud of what you’ve written, it’s foolish to think it’s the greatest written work in history.  Each manuscript and each story is a stepping stone for you to learn and improve as a writer.  Every author you love has to start from a certain point as a writer and grow over time.  If they had to do it, so do you.

Not every story will work.  Not every book will be embraced by readers.  That’s why keeping your ego in check and having the self-awareness needed to make the changes and creative leaps to become a better artist is important in the long run.

Next Time…

While ego may live on one side of the spectrum, the opposite can also cause detrimental harm to you as a writer.  We’ll have a look at self-awareness and self-criticism coming up.

Happy Writing, and I’ll see you next time!

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