We all love pets!  Dogs and cats, hamsters and monkeys, wombats and camels, pets are always there for us and we should always be there for them.  With that in mind, four writing prompts about our furry friends are below.

  • Write about the first pet you ever had.  What type of animal was it?  What was its name?  Did you do anything fun with your first pet?  How long did you have your first pet?  
  • What’s then most unusual pet you ever had?  Where did you get it?  What was its name?  How did others react when they discovered you had such an unusual pet?
  • What’s the most unusual pet you’d like to have if you could?  What would you name it?  Do some research about this potential pet and see what it would take to feed and care for such an unusual pet.  Write about what you must do to have this special pet in your home.
  •  What pet do you have now or hope to have in the future? 

Happy Writing and Reminiscing, and I’ll see you next time!

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