Everyone has experienced their first job.  You may have had one decades ago or be at your first job right now.  Whenever it was, one thing is true: there are plenty of stories to tell about your experiences at that first job.

For this writing exercise, remember the first place that hired you and write about your experiences using the prompts below.  Try and write at least 500 words for each question.

#1 – What Was Your First Job?

#2 – What Happened on Your First Day?

#3 – Who Was Your Work Best Friend?  Enemy?

#4 – What Was the Craziest Thing That Happened at Your First Job?

#5 – Why Did You Leave Your First Job?

If these questions helped jog your memory, take the next step and write a short story about an interesting event at your first job.  

Question #4 is a good springboard, but if you want to flesh it out with dialogue and other details, have some fun with it and make that story pop.  Or, if another story from that first job comes to mind, use that one.

Happy Writing, and I’ll see you next time!

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