Most of us have fond memories of our time in school; others couldn’t wait to graduate and escape.  With that in mind, below are four writing prompts to take you back to those days of P.E., lunch, after-school activities, and overstuffed backpacks and lockers.

  • Who was your favorite teacher?  Why?  What made them stand out from all the other teachers you had over the years?  Who was your least favorite teacher?  What made them such a pain to be in class with?
  • Who were your best friends in school?  Did you have the same group of friends from elementary through high school, or did your group of friends change?  What’s your favorite memory from hanging out with these groups of friends?
  • What was your favorite class or subject while in school?  What made it your favorite?  Do you still do something related to that subject now?
  • What was your favorite year of school?  There are twelve to choose from.  What made this particular school year stand out for you?  What’s your most memorable moment from that school year?

Happy Writing and Reminiscing, and I’ll see you next time!

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