Technology is an ever-present factor in our daily lives, and it seems to evolve faster with each passing year.  With that in mind, let’s explore your relationship with technology over the years with the following writing prompts.  

Be as descriptive as possible and have fun!

  • What was the first piece of technology you ever used in school?  How did you react to it?  How did the other students react to it?  Did it make learning easier, or was it more of a distraction?  
  • When did you get your first cell phone?  What type of cell phone was it?  What could you do and not do with your first phone?  If it was an older model, do you wish you could return to a simpler model than the one you have today?
  • Describe your first car.  What “special features” did it have compared to your current car?  Would your first car be considered a classic car today?  What caused you to move on from your first car? Do some research and find out how much your first car is worth today.  Do you wish you still had it now?
  • What technology has made your life easier?  What technology has made your life more challenging?  If you could go back in time and experience a type of technology again for the first time, what would it be?

Happy Writing and Reminiscing, and I’ll see you next time! 

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